Taking plant diagnostics to a new dimension

What we do

We are setting the new gold standard in chlorophyll fluorescence monitoring of plants and algae

Chlorophyll fluorescence analysis is a powerful non-invasive technique to study photosynthesis in plants and algae. Since chlorophyll fluorescence signals react sensitively to changes in physiological parameters, environmental conditions, biotic and abiotic stress events, it has become a versatile tool in plant physiology research, monitoring in greenhouses and agricultural fields, and in monitoring of entire ecosystems.

It is known since long that plants and algae contain several fluorescence chlorophyll complexes in their photosynthetic machinery, which differ both in their spectral and in their temporal signals upon interaction with light. They also differ in their responses to abiotic and biotic stresses, as well as environmental factors. Yet, present commercial equipment employed in the characterization of fluorescence responses of photosynthetic organisms almost entirely ignores this important spectral dimension. This actually means ignoring a wealth of hidden information about physiological responses and regulation processes. In a newly designed plant fluorescence analyser – ChloroSpec – we systematically recover this information by simultaneous spectral and temporal measurement and analysis. These capabilities set a new standard for the use of chlorophyll fluorescence diagnostics of photosynthetic organisms.

Advanced capabilities in an easy-to-use instrument

For the first time we can now systematically characterize and follow physiological processes by simultaneous time- and wavelength-resolved fluorescence measurements in an easy-to-use commercial instrument. Such measurements would normally be reserved for expensive specialized laboratory setups, but not any longer. With the development of ChloroSpec we bring these advanced capabilities with an easy-to-use instrument to laboratories active in photosynthesis, plant physiology, ecophysiology, plant phenotyping, plant breeding and related research. We thus widely open the market to specialists and non-specialists providing valuable novel information over a wide range of applications in plant research.

The now available laboratory version (ChloroSpec L1) will soon be complemented by instruments for use in greenhouses and the field, including portable devices with essentially the same range of functionalities.

Analyze how plants respond to different stresses

This novel plant fluorescence analyzer comes with advanced global data analysis procedures for spectral and kinetic analysis that give you more insight than ever.

The combination of extended measuring technology with powerful advanced data analysis procedures – as offered by ChloroSpec – opens novel dimensions in plant growth monitoring, plant phenotyping and in the analysis and characterization of a wide range of plant stresses.


Spectral and temporal measurements

Simultaneous, fully spectrally and temporally resolved measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence

Fast and reliable plant health insights

Early, fast and reliable insights into various biotic and abiotic stress reaction events

Novel data analysis procedures

Novel measurement capabilities enhanced with powerful advanced data analysis procedures

Various product solutions

Products developed for R&D laboratories, greenhouse applications and mobile field devices

Who we are

ChloroSpec is a private enterprise, established as a BV and located at the VU University premises in Amsterdam.

Its technology has been developed under the guidance of Prof. Alfred Holzwarth, in close cooperation with the biophysics and computer science departments of the VU.


If you are interested to get more detailed information or to talk to us, please contact us by email at info@chlorospec.com or use the contact form.

We are looking for parties that would want to be early adopters, potential collaborators or partners. And we are also open to discuss any special requirements that you may have or custom developments according to your needs.